Why Custom Pocket Maps Are a Great Marketing Tool for Brands

Why Custom Pocket Maps Are a Great Marketing Tool for Brands

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Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to show the layout of your campus? Do you want to guide your guests to where they need to go while showing off your brand's unique style? If so, then you need to invest in custom pocket maps for your business.

Doing so can shine a bright new light on your brand. It can give them an accessible way to walk through your campus without getting lost or frustrated in the process.

See below for several reasons why pocket maps and custom map design makes for such a great marketing tool that you should invest in.

1. Accessibility

Have you ever walked around a zoo or an amusement park and gotten lost? Suddenly, you go from having a great time wondering where you are. That's a feeling you can't shake until you find an answer.

However, you become increasingly frustrated when you can't find a map or directory anywhere around. It might be 5 to 10 minutes before you see the next one.

That's a time delay that your business can no longer afford. Customers these days are impatient. They're used to getting what they want within seconds of when they want it. Minutes seem like hours to them.

If they can't figure out how to get to where they want to go, they'll lose interest and leave.

Thankfully, custom pocket maps can solve this issue. They give your customer an accessible map to use at all times. No more sending them on a wild goose chase for the nearest directory. They'll have their answers right away.

Our custom pocket maps can be folded in a few different ways. This can help you to compact your map in a way that's helpful and entertaining for your clients/guests. We offer a few different dimensions to ensure the perfect size for your needs.

2. Nostalgia for Your Business

Did you know that there is an instinct inside humans to collect things? It's why things like baseball cards and Pokemon Cards have turned into such a profitable business. It's why some people still prefer to buy physical books instead of on a Kindle or tablet.

People collect things when they develop an emotional tie to the item. So, for instance, a sports fan might collect pocket schedules because of their passion for sports and the memories they associate with where they picked up that pocket schedule.

This is an integral piece of why custom pocket maps are such a tremendous marketing tool for your company.

There's a common misconception that people will simply use the pocket map and throw it away, but it's actually the opposite that rings true. People collect pocket maps. They hold on to them for dear life. They store them away for safekeeping.

By simply purchasing custom pocket maps, you can increase the emotional tie that people have to your brand. Every time they see that pocket map in the future, they'll want to come back.

They'll continue to build a personal connection with your company, turning them into a loyal customer that brings you continued business for years to come.

3. Advertising Opportunities

You aren't the only one looking for a way to advertise your company. In fact, there are many other companies out there that would (believe it or not) pay you to advertise their product on your new pocket maps.

Heck, they might pay for the whole thing! Companies like Coca-Cola have been known to do this when they form partnerships with sports stadiums, zoos, amusement parks, and so on.

If you're a local college trying to make a campus map, then ask local businesses if they're interested. If you're creating a map for your business park, as your tenants if they'd pay to advertise on your pocket maps. There's always someone that wants in on the marketing action!

4. Informative

There's no limit to what you can include in your company's custom pocket map designs. Anything you feel the customer should know is worth considering.

For example, maybe you want to highlight where all the restrooms are. Perhaps you want to promote some upcoming events at your location. Maybe you just want to share some interesting facts.

Because the custom maps can expand to such various sizes, you'll be able to share as much information as you'd like in a simplistic design. This can help you market more products, show off different areas to visit on your site, and so on.

5. Customizability

This is an opportunity for you and your staff to create something new. Better yet, you get to be creative and innovative on a few different levels.

First, you'll want to hash out the details and design of your map. You'll use a design that fits in perfectly with your brand, helping your clients understand what your company is all about.

But that's not all! You also need to think about the design when the map is completely folded and condensed. What do you want it to look like? How can you make it appealing and collection-worthy when it's pocket-sized.

Design Custom Pocket Maps for Your Needs

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on what the biggest perks are to having custom pocket maps made and how they can benefit you, it's time for you to start the process for yourself.

Be sure to read this article for more information on why Z fold maps are more beneficial, and why you should consider them for your brand.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.