We print maps & ship worldwide.

We print maps & ship worldwide.

We print credit-card-sized z fold cards that can easily fold up and fit in your pocket.

Do you need a pocket-sized map, guide, or informational piece? Give us a call today at +1 800-304-9890.

Customer Reviews

It’s been said that the company you keep says a lot about you. We have had the pleasure of working with some of the world’s most excellent non-profit organizations, international companies, as well as small and medium-sized organizations and individuals. What do our clients say about us? Read for yourselves.

“I appreciate the communication and great product! I think they look really good. I know we will be ordering more! I appreciate your ease of process and insights as we worked through this quickly,”

— Nike

“The maps have been a hit at travel shows, events, or just as a small gift for travelers going to Iceland. ~ Michael, Icelandair Marketing & Communications Coordinator for the Americas.

— Icelandair

They arrived and look phenomenal! I’m incredibly happy with how they turned out and the quality of the printing and paper. I can’t wait to hand them out at the conference next week. Thank you so much for getting them here in time! I’ll certainly be back to order more in the future! Thanks again, Brant

— Junonia Partners

"The PocketMaps were a hit! I can't tell you how many folks thought they were so smart. We also had them at our big dinner, and folks loved them. I can't thank you enough for making them look spectacular and getting them here in time for our conference. This definitely won't be the last time Nat Geo uses PocketMaps!!" ~ Crystal Mettel, Executive Assistant to the CEO.

— National Geographic

We got the PocketMaps, and they are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for all your help, Mark. We’ll be back next year! - Sarah

— American Council on Education

“People are not used to getting such information in a wallet-sized brochure. And to us, being different is everything,” Fleming says, “Plus, PocketMaps could not have been nicer and more attentive. One of the best vendors I have ever dealt with.”

— Fleming + Company Inc.

“We received the PocketMaps yesterday. They are amazing! We could not be happier. Thank you again,” ~ Molly Castles, Creative & Marketing Coordinator at Jamestown, L.P.

— Jamestown Properties