About Us

We print pocket-sized maps that easily fold up & fit into your pocket.

At PocketMaps, we revolutionize travel and navigation with our innovative, pocket-sized maps. Our journey began with a simple realization during an unplanned trip to Sweden. Our co-founder, Mark, encountered a challenge many travelers face - navigating a new city without internet access. This experience highlighted the need for a reliable, tangible resource for explorers.

Our solution? The Grab'n'Go Guide. First introduced in Savannah, Georgia, by Mark and co-founder Michael Todd, these guides aren't just informative; they're designed for convenience. Their unique feature? They fold perfectly to fit in your pocket.

The Grab'n'Go Guide quickly became a favorite for local businesses and hotels, sparking a demand for customized pocket-sized maps. Since our official launch in 2011, PocketMaps has been at the forefront of producing affordable, high-quality, pocket-sized print maps. With production facilities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, we ensure rapid production and adherence to the tightest deadlines. Our global shipping capabilities mean that no matter where you are, PocketMaps are within your reach.

We've created hundreds of millions of PocketMaps, serving clients across North America, Europe, Australia, and Africa. Our orders vary, catering to needs ranging from a cozy batch of 500 maps to staggering orders exceeding 1 million.

Customization is at the heart of what we do. Every map we print is 100% tailor-made, ensuring your story is told, your message spreads, and you connect with your audience meaningfully. Our commitment to the environment is unwavering; we use FSC-certified papers and vegetable-based inks. Plus, we plant a tree for every order placed, ensuring our footprint is as green as our maps.

PocketMaps isn't just about maps; it's about delivering an unforgettable experience that your users can carry in their pockets.

Let us join your journey in creating lasting impressions and meaningful connections.


Managing Member & Co-Founder

With a previous career in surveillance, Mark is a master at finding out what makes other people tick. And that training has served him well as an entrepreneur. Mark has an innate understanding of what people want with lightning-fast insights and keen observation skills. And at the same time, his talent for seeking out brilliant design has led him to travel the world, restore historic buildings, and for the past decade, focus on making the world a more discoverable place with, PocketMaps. - Arlene Distel


Design Co-Founder & CTO

Starting his education studying architecture at Texas A&M, Michael finished his degree at SCAD with a BFA in Visual Communications. These two experiences exposed him to a wide berth of inspirational design principles that he applies to design digital and print materials for PocketMaps. He lives in Atlanta and loves the Rockies, Apple, photography, and working as an entrepreneur.

Qian Sun

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

A New Yorker who originally hails from Shanghai, Qian Sun is a multidisciplinary designer and a self-proclaimed curious adventurer. For the past decade, her work in branding, environmental graphics, and conceptual design has earned her numerous accolades, including recognition in TDC, HOW Magazine, Graphis, and The Die Line. Before establishing herself as an independent consultant in 2016, Qian served as senior designer for Pentagram Design, collaborating directly with the firm’s partners and leading large-scale projects for clients such as Pepsi Co, the Hudson Yards, GSK, and many others.

John Carrington

Photographer and distribution

John, a freelance photographer and photojournalist with more than twenty years of experience has contributed to many newspapers, trade journals, and books. He graduated with a BFA in Photography from SCAD.

Kayla Frith

Graphic Designer

For over five years, Kayla has been helping clients at PocketMaps tell their stories through design. With a BFA in Communication Design, she focuses on printed media and custom cartography design. She can understand a project's needs and offer innovative solutions.

Sara Allen

Graphic Designer

Sara is a passionate designer, a detail-oriented art director, a casual runner, and a curious traveler. She is pursuing her M.A. in Graphic Design & Visual Experience from SCAD to build on her B.S. in Industrial Design from Georgia Tech. Sara has years of experience partnering with large and small clients in the workplace. She aims to create visuals encountered in everyday environments that impact people in extraordinary ways with each project.


Former Office Greeter

Wendy loved her job. She always had a great attitude waiting for you at the door. She loved to nap and dream of chasing squirrels in her spare time. We miss her dearly. 2006-2018

Blue a.k.a Frisky Dingo

Former foot-warmer / office security

Blue was the best hug-giver in the office and always a joy to have around. Always nearby, he'd keep you company throughout the day. We miss him dearly. 2003-2017