5 Reasons Why Z Fold Maps Are More Beneficial

5 Reasons Why Z Fold Maps Are More Beneficial

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In a foreign city, you pull out your standard map from your backpack. Unfold it 20 or so times to hunt for the panel with that information you need while it's falling all over the place and becoming wrinkled in the wind. You attempt to fold it back up but agh! It gets folded into a pile of mess and stuffed back in your backpack wrinkled and ripped.

Sound familiar?

All of those complications are eliminated with simple, pocket-sized, z fold maps. Intended for easy access to information, z fold maps will provide your customers with an excellent user experience that has been lacking in the map world.

Read on to learn why z fold maps are more beneficial than other types of folds.

1. Easy to Fold Up

Z fold maps are extremely user friendly when it comes to expanding and collapsing. Folding a map shouldn't be considered an art. It should be simple and easy. A z fold map expands as an accordion would, making it easy to open and close without figuring out any tricky folding pattern.

Using z fold maps for travel guides enables your user to open the map and get the information they need quickly. The z fold prevents fumbling when re-folding and is best suited to provide easy to find information on the go.

2. Compartmentalize Information

While there are many other brochure fold styles available, we've found that z fold maps provide a great canvas for compartmentalizing information.

A single row z fold with a single row, but multiple columns is ideal for printing in multiple languages. It has the same information on each side with one side in English and the other side in Spanish, or whatever language you need!

3. Fits in Your Pocket

No one enjoys carrying around and using a big map with what feels like a hundred folds. Our z fold maps are small enough to fit in a wallet or pocket, making them easy to access and carry around.

The size is great for tourists, cyclists, hikers, and anyone else who does not want to be bogged down by an oversized map. Your customers will appreciate your thoughtfulness in designing a small, compact map that is easy to use and easy to carry!

4. Best Design for Repeated Use

Our z fold maps are constructed with an outer card to protect the map when folded and stashed away. This extra-thick layer provides protection against wear and tear and allows for lots of repeated use.

According to users, the z fold is easiest to fold and unfold. This prevents creases in the wrong spot and extends the life of the map. It also prevents crumpling it up into a ball out of frustration!

5. Jam-Packed With Info

Don't think that because our maps fold to a pocket-size, there is limited space to present your content. Our z fold maps come in single, double, or triple row size, which gives ample room front and back to provide your customers with tons of info. Try out a template to see the possibilities!

Reap the Many Benefits of Z Fold Maps

Creating an easy folding map with tons of content that can fit into your pocket for repeated usage is our specialty. And these are only some of the reasons why our z fold maps have grown in popularity over the years!

If you're interested in seeing the benefits of a z fold map for yourself, get in touch with us today for a quote or more info!