Spoil your visitor with a great experience in your museum by using PocketMaps

Spoil your visitor with a great experience in your museum by using PocketMaps

Cook Museum of Natural Science

With PocketMaps, your visitors have all the information they need at their fingertips. This effective marketing tool was developed through years of experience with various European museums. PocketMaps is user-friendly and easy to use. With this tool, your visitors won’t miss any highlights during their visit.

PocketMaps goes home with your visitor as a souvenir to keep or share with family and friends. They might even discover a special offer for a subsequent visit or to visit one of your partner museums. PocketMaps will help you with visitor-related challenges, summarised in three pillars:

Your PocketMap will help you with:1) wayfinding, 2) commercial opportunities, and 3) customer relations.


An exemplary wayfinding system guide visitors from arrival to departure without much trouble. It considers all modes of transport to and within the museum, like parking, drop-off, pick-up areas, public transport stop routes, and cycle storage. A well-developed system saves time for staff answering questions related to location and directions, freeing them up for other tasks and improving the visitor flow overall. Giving clear instructions reduces the stress levels for first-time visitors or people with special needs, like wheelchair users or parents with strollers. It can also accommodate larger groups by allowing them to move more easily around the site. All these factors result in happier museum-goers who are likely to spend more time on site, visit more often and recommend the museum to others.

Commercial Opportunities

Monetising on wayfinding doesn’t only mean selling ad space in the map itself but also looking at integrated solutions for sponsoring or cross-promotions in combination with retailers or other local businesses which would be interested in reaching your audience. The development of an additional income stream can help museums become less reliant on government funding and make them more sustainable overall. Customer Relations: Asking for feedback should be part of any customer service strategy. It shows that you are interested in what your guests think and that their input is valuable to you. It helps you identify potential problems early on to prevent them from occurring again. Feedback forms are most commonly used, but there are other ways of collecting customer feedback, like exit surveys, social media monitoring, or market research firms. No matter what method you choose, make sure that it’s easy for visitors to give their input and that there is someone responsible for reviewing it regularly and taking action where necessary.


As a CMO, you want what’s best for your museum, including giving visitors the best possible experience. With PocketMaps, you can do just that! This valuable tool will help with wayfinding, commercial opportunities, and customer relations so that you can focus on what matters most: running a successful museum!