Realtors: Help New home buyers and renters with A Business Card Map

Realtors: Help New home buyers and renters with A Business Card Map

Oct 21st, 2015 by Mark at PocketMaps
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Anyone in the housing market knows how vital geography is to new homebuyers and renters.

A folding business card map of your area can help new home buyers or renters get to know their new town. When you hand out your new business cards, you have a chance to differentiate yourself and show your local expertise and put yourself on the map (pun intended).

We have a few ideas of what your business card map should include that will make your service stand out from competitors while helping your audience.

For one, you can help potential buyers that newly relocated to your area by passing out business card folding pocket maps. The pocket maps are fully customizable and designed for your particular demographics—most real estate offices like Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Century 21, Compass, and Keller Williams Realty. Have dedicated in-house graphic designers who can easily design on our templates.

From young college students to newlywed families, your maps can promote specific businesses you love and recommend partner with companies.

Our designers can create pocket-sized maps that will be beneficial to your primary audience. For example, students would like to see bus stops that bring them to campus, while new families might want to learn where local schools and parks are for their children. A lot of clients like to highlight shopping districts and local attractions.

If you work with particular landlords or real estate owners, having a map of these locations can help home buyers and renters. It also promotes your most popular listings (think condo buildings along the subway line or a planned community in a suburb.

Therefore, people looking through your map will know what places and areas you serve and can contact you about any available listings within these buildings or neighborhoods. Another idea is to create a birdseye view map of different communities with median home prices and a short description (see below for an example of the neighborhoods along the east and westside Beltline in Atlanta, GA)

The median home value in Inman Park is $535,941.

The median home value in Virginia Highland is $716,665.

The median home value in Grant Park is $454,169.

The median home value in Atlanta is $284,365.

The median home value in Old Fourth Ward is $317,833.

Another way to help people relocate to your area is to help them learn the local lingo and neighborhoods by outlining and naming them. For example, Atlanta has many different communities-from Inman Park to Little Five Points. These names might be confusing to a newcomer. By helping your clients find their way around town and learn about these neighborhoods, they can get acquainted with their surroundings while picking a new place to live based on the area.

Here in Atlanta, GA, it can take an hour to travel less than 2 miles from my home to our office downtown. Adding subway stops to a map can be helpful when looking at new neighborhoods. Ask your designer to include bike lanes or trails, and this can also be very helpful.

Talk to your graphic designer about your overall goals and what you want to accomplish when you hand someone your business card map.

A folding business card map for realtors is an excellent marketing tool for your business and team. We can even design and produce your PocketMaps to have multiple agent business-cards. Your office can share the project's cost and help more people and your local brand stand out.

We'd love to connect and explore working together. Please request a free sample pack of PocketMaps here.

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