Promotional Trade Show Maps: The Mix of Promotional Material with Wayfinding

Promotional Trade Show Maps: The Mix of Promotional Material with Wayfinding

Aug 20th, 2014 by Mark at PocketMaps
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Have you thought about a creating a promotional trade show map at your next trade show event to help visitors navigate the surroundings a little more manageable? When it comes to maps, most people have given up with the complex paper maps of old. The reason is that of the complicated folding procedures that might have been easy to unravel, yet seemingly impossible to put back together.

Older generations grew up in the era when those paper maps were used on car trips before the age of GPS. Even younger generations still use paper maps at times, though you seldom see them available in public places for the above reasons. But here at PocketMaps, we're changing things by producing smaller maps that are easier to open and use. We also provide variations on a theme where other things can be printed on the map to combine wayfinding with marketing.

We offer all this through our customizable pocket maps that are small enough to fit in anyone's pocket. They're also made to be easily opened so you can gain a basic feel of old paper maps without the confusion of complicated folding. At the same time, we leave room on customized maps to help promote an event, which includes a trade show.

How can we design a trade show map for you that provides the opportunity for people to find their way around while promoting your company?

Wayfinding on a Map and Marketing Messages

With our quality printing, you're guaranteed to have a quality map on one side showing the location of everything around the trade show floor. By offering these to people at the door, you're giving a helpful wayfinding method that looks appealing and doesn't have to involve using expensive digital screens. People appreciate being able to hold a tangible item that's been beautifully printed. Colors will pop out on our maps, including making the information clear to read such a prospective customer doesn't get confused.

Of course, you'll want to market your trade show table prominently on the map. However, this particular variation on our pocket maps can be created to place marketing messages on the back. There, you can add your overall branding message, including your logo, any motto, plus photographs of your company or employees.

You're going to love the look of the printing quality on your marketing side as much as the map. And because the map can fit in someone's pocket, it's easy to inspect without getting confused on where specific pages are. You'll be doing double duty in helping people find you, plus knowing what your company message is before they even arrive at your table.

Contact us here at PocketMaps so we can create this pocket map for you and help attract the demographic you need to set yourself off on the right foot. When you can make things easier for prospective customers, they'll appreciate you immediately and perhaps become your future loyal customers due to thinking of them first.