PocketMaps Application & Ideas

PocketMaps Application & Ideas

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Parks & Recreation Trails
Are you creating a map for bike paths, hiking trails, or other recreational routes? Our full color, compact design highlights landmarks and attractions to help visitors and locals enjoy the great outdoors.

Botanical Gardens
Combine identifying images, plant species information, and points of attraction in one gorgeous map! Flowers and foliage receive a scientific and artistic presentation that visitors will want to revisit long after the day of adventure and exploring.

A pocket-sized map to the bus, subway, and light rail lines is a valuable resource for cities of all sizes. Transportation agencies can go above and beyond for their riders while delineating vital information and public safety education.

Up your organization’s brochure and leaflet game with a foldable, full-color map to current exhibitions and artist showcases, and deeper dives into your overall mission. After hours, our maps become a keepsake and a way to connect with potential new members and donors.

Resorts, hotels, and spas are always looking for ways to promote their suites of services. Elevate the guest experience with an attractive, convenient guide to everything your luxurious destination has to offer.

Real Estate
Every real estate agent can use a leg up when showcasing neighborhoods and districts. Whether it’s a buyers’ or sellers’ market, our maps give your clients a point of reference that promotes your business.

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