Lexington NC approves $100,000 in initial funding for wayfinding program

Lexington NC approves $100,000 in initial funding for wayfinding program

Aug 11th, 2014 by Mark at PocketMaps
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Wayfinding for Tourism

Like cities of all sizes, Lexington, NC is seeking ways to increase tourism. Their Tourism Authority (LTA) recently approved $100,000 in initial funding for a wayfinding program.

Wayfinding map

Wayfinding is the formalized process of directing people from point A to point B, and it is gaining popularity with city planners since successful rollouts in well known historical cities like St. Augustine, Florida where signs will help visitors find historical and commercial locations.

In St. Augustine, forty new signs are designed to bring attention and provide orientation for both citizens and visitors. The signs will be like locator maps found in malls.

The Lexington Project

The Lexington ProjectLess well known than St. Augustine and the major cities in North Carolina like Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham, Lexington is located south of what Carolinians call the "Triad" (Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point). It is not a "destination" kind of city but is located just off I-85, the primary connector between the Triad and Charlotte.

Like so many "bedroom communities, Lexington faces the challenge of drawing people in as they are whizzing by on the newly widened expressway or enticing them to take a day trip to this city of around 20,000 people nicknamed the Barbecue Capitol of the World and famous for its Lexington Style BBQ.

Once they bring the people into town, they then need to direct them around in a way that will create a buzz and get people talking about Lexington as a destination. The wayfinding project is designed to accomplish that mission.

According to Robin Bivens, executive director of the LTA, the "wayfinding project will enhance the beauty of Lexington and encourage tourism, ... and make it easier for residents, commuters and tourists to find local destinations and attractions."

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