For Special Events Create A Customized Event Map

For Special Events Create A Customized Event Map

Sep 29th, 2014 by Mark at PocketMaps
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Long ago when little was known about the earth, and many believed it to be flat, there was no such thing as a boring map. When medieval cartographers drew maps depicting regions of the planet about which little was known, they filled in the unknown places with fanciful depictions of dragons, sea serpents, and mythological figures. The highly stylized lettering was used to name the various areas. With the map finished, it was a work of art.

pacific_studios_no_sticker from PocketMaps on Vimeo.

As more of the earth became charted, the fanciful drawings on maps gave way to accurate geographical information. Stylized hand lettering then gave way to standardized fonts, and in the process, maps ceased to be works of art. Today, we've reached the point where people will print out a map from Google and think they've created an event map.

Many people may wonder what's wrong with a no-nonsense event map that depicts what you need to know to get from point A to point B. The problem with this is that simple factual information is commonplace thanks to the Internet. It requires no expenditure of effort, imagination, or even of money. Such a map fails to convey the specialness of the event or occasion.

A simple Google map printout will not do. Business event maps should have a polished and professional look. Wedding maps should be romantic and also highly stylistic or perhaps even cute. Invitations to family and friends for attending a special event should have maps with a personalized touch. Maps to theme parks or historic areas should be thematic.

There are many ways to add style and personalization to an event map. Some roadmaps have whimsical 3D illustrations of houses, signs, and landmarks in the spaces between the roads. Historic landmarks are often depicted this way on pedestrian maps of cities full of historical significance. This kind of depiction makes an area seem unique and fun a place to visit. Cities, states, and even countries have made good use of this practice for decades to promote tourism.

When creating an event map, don't print it out of Google maps. Make it a work of art like the cartographers of old. Create a customized event map. If you are interested in getting professionally made event maps, please contact us.