Grab 'n' Go Guide

A pocket-sized guide to where tourists and locals alike can find good food, drinks, and things to do.

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Become a Resource,
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The small size, clean design, and in-the-moment usability make the Grab & Go Guide a welcome part of any visitor’s experience.

Anatomy of a Grab 'n' Go ad Anatomy of a Grab 'n' Go ad

Distribution & Circulation

We print our Grab & Go Guide every 3 months and restock weekly. Distribution locations and volume vary by city, depending on need. But to give you an example, here are the numbers for our pilot city:

Sample Figures:
250+ Locations city-wide
75,000 printed every 3mo.
approx. 1,500 distributed weekly

Common distribution points:

Information Centers
Bed & Breakfasts

We bring tourists to your door when they're hungry, thirsty, or ready to explore.


As with distribution, pricing also varies city-to-city based on how the volume of guides we print and distribute. However you can generally expect to pay less around half a penny per listing per guide. That means it costs less than a single penny to reach each potential customer.

Call for pricing:

+1 404-442-4868

Go Mobile

A companion online version of our Grab & Go Guide is available on the web from any web-enabled mobile device. Optimized for smartphones, visitors can quickly browse restaurants, bars, and things to do around them.


Browse by category, search, or filter results.
Swipe through multiple photos.
Tap address for walking/driving directions.
Tap phone to call.
Optional link to Facebook page.
List specials and menu items.