We design, print, and manufacture a variety of printed formats, custom maps, and dispensing containers.

Pocket-Sized Media

Fold Name:

The Original

The Original is a popular fold that’s been around a while. It’s compact and minimal design make it suitable for a variety of uses. The outer cards keep this pocketmap safe from wear and tear, making it ideal for repeated use and storage in a wallet or pocket.

Sizes & Dimensions


Distribution Containers

Our distribution container is a simple foldable box that can hold several pocket maps for quick and easy access. It’s small footprint also makes it un-intrusive, taking up minimal space on a desk or tabletop. For maximum exposure, your brand can also be printed on the sides.

Other dispenser types may be available.
Please contact us for details.Samples & Pricing


For your campus, event, resort, city…

A corner-stone business for PocketMaps is our custom map design service. Our designers specialize in information-based design. Every map we produce aims to simplify and inform with ease. Maps shouldn’t be hard to read. They should be as enjoyable as the area they serve. Samples & Pricing