Ships of the Sea

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Savannah, GA United States of America

The Business

Ships of the Sea, a maritime museum in the heart of historic downtown Savannah, Georgia

The Problem

Ships of the Sea needed a portable, user-friendly map to display for visitors who came to their William Scarbrough House and Gardens museum and wanted to explore the rest of downtown post-visit.

The Solution

Set up a display rack of Pocketmaps Savannah Grab ‘n’ Go Guides, so Ships of the Sea guests would be prepared to further explore other Savannah historic locations and businesses that the museum aims to support.

The Testimonial

“An innovative idea does not always guarantee a useful execution. The Grab 'n’ Go Maps are a welcome exception. They are simply and elegantly designed, come in a user-friendly size, and the attractive display rack invites visitors to pick them up. Less is more,” says Ships of the Sea Executive Director, Tony Pizzo.

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