Fleming + Company Inc.

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Product Marketing




Newport, Rhode Island, USA

The Business


Fleming and Company, a full-service agency providing brand development, print and collateral, marketing, public relations, broadcast and multimedia and winner of six distinguished American Graphic Design Awards.

The Problem


Owner Paul Fleming explains, ”Our client wanted to send coffee mugs to their target audience so the message on the mug would stay in the prospects’ office. But the program they wanted to promote involved multiple products. So we did not want to create a big brochure that needed to go in a big mailing box.”

The Solution


“The Pocketmaps solution allowed us to put all the information inside the mug and mail the package in a 4" square box. The different shape and form make it more likely that our prospect will keep it and even share it among co-workers. The applications to this are endless. It is not just for maps,” Fleming adds.

The Testimonial

“People are not used to getting such information in a wallet-sized brochure. And to us, being different is everything,” Fleming says, “Plus, Pocketmaps could not have been nicer and more attentive. One of the best vendors I have ever dealt with.”

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