Why Print A Map Fold Brochure?

Print collateral can be a really important marketing tool, especially at trade shows, exhibitions, office rooms, and client meetings. The most important aspects to print collateral are: drawing attention and bringing clarity. Considering the standard designs that people think about when they see brochures, why not print instead map fold brochure?

For one, it offers important information all in once place in a concise manner. The benefits to a map-fold brochure allows you to expand upon your design ideas in a large way, but in an easy-to-follow depiction. Maps, either geographic ones or conceptual ones, are a unique and creative way to present your company's work that's easy to understand.

In addition, a map fold brochure catches attention. It breaks the mold of the standard brochure that many people simply glance at, then put back or throw away. Map folds however are usually given more consideration, especially when you account for the time that it takes to unfold the map and reveal its information. Not only does it draw the reader in, but it also attracts the gazes of others in the room or on the street. For companies that want to attract interest, a map fold brochure does just that.

Finally, it can serve multiple purposes. A well designed map brochure does not only have to be folded up and presented in its unopened size, but you can always present it opened as a poster. At trade shows or presentations, this can give your maps a dual nature, and impress those who might want to take all that information home in something that fits in their wallet.

So get more from your brochure and contact us to design one that draws attention and brings clarity to your work. For samples, check out our website.

December 17th, 2015
by Mark Minoff

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