The Benefits Of Using A Foldout Map

A foldout map is a useful and versatile item that many people cannot do without. Compact, lightweight, and attractive, they can enhance your life in surprising ways. Some of the benefits of using a foldout map are discussed below:



It's Great For Planning


Having a map unfolded in front of you lets you size up at a glance, where things are relative to each other when you plan a trip. You can see both starting point and destination as well as side attractions along the way. The overall route can be quickly planned to include historical points of interest, food stops, and land marks. Alternate routes can be quickly assessed should road construction or traffic jams be encountered. Getting the big picture of an area is difficult when using an app on a smart phone because of the small size of the display screen.


It Doesn't Require A GPS Signal


Tourists who love exploring the natural wonders of out-of-the-way areas, can find themselves in places that have a weak GPS signal. Even if remote places aren't your vacation destination, bringing a foldout map is a sensible precaution since your travel may take you through these areas.


It's Practical In Outdoor Situations


A waterproof foldout map doesn't care if the temperature is well below freezing or if it gets soaked in the rain. If you drop it, drop something on it, step on it, or drive over it with your car, it still works. If the temperature inside of your car climbs to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, you needn't worry about your map. They can be placed in an outdoor map box at parks and trail heads for easy public distribution and left there year round without a problem.


It Engages You With Your Family


If you are on a road trip with your family, what better way to engage them than to have them assist you with the navigation. If your kids are quarreling, give them a map and make them your navigation team. Map reading and identifying landmarks and road signs develop their thinking and spatial skills. They will find the responsibility both fun and thrilling.
PocketMaps makes foldout maps in a wide variety of formats that will fit your requirements whatever they may be. Contact us today to learn more.

August 29th, 2014
by Mark Minoff

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