Put New Students at Ease With a Pocket Size Campus Map

Students at a new school often feel a lot of anxiety about getting to class on time and not getting lost. A campus map can make the process of finding classrooms and school services simpler. In many cases, creating a small pocket map for students helps them to feel more confident. A pocket size campus map also offers other advantages.


Welcome Aboard!


A big part of any school is creating a sense of community. Unfortunately, it can be hard to greet each student individually and personally help them find all their classes – no matter how much you may want to. A pocket map is a great solution. It shows that you care enough to help and offers real assistance in an easy-to-use format so that a student feels welcome. A pocket size campus map is a great part of a welcome package at school.



What Are You Looking for?


Not only is it hard to address each student individually, especially on larger campuses, but new students tend to ask the same questions again and again. A pocket size campus map can be customized for each specific school to highlight the buildings most students ask about. In many cases, maps can even help a school advertise school services as well as local and campus businesses.  This can aid in fundraising efforts and help students discover nearby services.


Walk Tall


Happy students make for better students. A pocket size campus map can make a student more confident so that they will find their way around campus and can encourage students to explore a campus more thoroughly, which in turn can translate to more involvement. Arming students with a pocket size campus map shows that the school cares and encourages students to take advantage of all that the campus has to offer. 


Schools can simply print off a black and white campus map on a piece of paper, but a pocket size campus map is about more than just wayfinding. A professionally created map can make it easier for students to actually find their way around and shows students and visitors that the school cares enough to create a reliable guide. A pocket map is also easy to carry around and use, simply because it is so portable.


If you would like to create a colorful and useful guide to your campus, contact us, the map solution with smart design built in.

August 28th, 2014
by Mark Minoff

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