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While anyone can go to a free website and print off a generic and often erroneous map, your situation deserves something better than this. When you print custom maps for your event or location, you're able to help visitors not only find their way but also to learn about the area and perhaps a little more about you. Customized maps offer the opportunity to overlay layers of data onto custom maps for a truly unique product.


vector map showing use of different icons


Data Layers


Layered data allows you to print custom maps specific to your needs. Perhaps you're getting married and want to include a map to the reception venue. You could add data layers such as hotels, breakfast diners, gas stations and ATMs for the convenience of your guests. You could also add shapes indicating some of your favorite local places such as the location where you got engaged, had your first date, or where your new home together will be. You can also show specialized locations such as your favorite bars and clubs downtown; walking paths that are dog-friendly, or businesses oriented to your event.


Custom Maps


When you print custom maps, you don't have to stick with the usual north on top, south on bottom orientation. You can situate the map any way you desire. Colors and symbols can be added. Perhaps you're having a big party and want to show people where they can park in green, and where they'll get towed by using red colors for the no-parking streets. You can also use custom maps to indicate traffic and highly congested areas based on the timing of your event. This can help people get to your location faster and with less stress. You can even draw on the custom maps before they're printed and annotate them with your own notes and anecdotes. Your notes will be included in the final product.


Benefits of Custom Maps


Custom maps with layers of data are geared to be more user-friendly than typical maps. For those who are not up to date with the latest smart phones, e-readers, and other gadgets, your printed custom maps will afford them the opportunity to get the know the area with precision and accuracy as if they were using digital technology to do so. The printed custom maps use the latest GIS data so that even the newest subdivisions, road construction projects, and route changes can be included in the data layers.

July 08th, 2014
by Mark Minoff

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