Seabolt Brokers

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Savannah, GA United States of America

The Business

Seabolt Brokers, a real estate firm located in Savannah, Georgia.

The Problem

The firm unfortunately discovered the map they’d been providing as a free service was incorrect. An immediate change was needed so they could start accurately showing interested buyers properties for sale. For visitors not looking to buy real estate—yet—Seabolt still wanted to provide a way to capture the attention of the foot traffic in and around their offices, located in the popular downtown historic district of Savannah.

The Solution

Display a dispensary of Savannah Grab ‘n’ Go Guides so passersby would keep Seabolt top-of-mind as a helpful real estate firm, thereby establishing Seabolt as a company that cares. 

The Testimonial

“The map design is fantastic, the minimal size is convenient, and we've found that it's everything we could ask for and more. I would love to see every city with a standard Pocketmap!” Seabolt CEO Ryan Hunt says, adding, “Like the rest of downtown, we have a lot of foot traffic in and around our office, which gives us the opportunity to interact with locals and travelers alike. After the discovery that the most popular downtown map was actually incorrect, as it had several surrounding blocks as mirror images of themselves, we were happy to have such a compact, accurate, and helpful map to give to both our clients and visitors to our office. With Pocketmaps, we are able to show our clients the location of properties and direct travelers to city attractions and locations.

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