Pocketmaps Can Help Food Truck Entrepreneurs Affordably Reach Tourists

Food trucks tend to develop an avid, local following but what about the tourists? How do food truck entrepreneurs make sure that seasonal tourists know about them too? We’d like to recommend that they invest in Pocketmaps. Pocketmaps are just what the name suggests and more.



They are pocket-size, city specific maps complete with listings for great places to grab a bite to eat and other businesses. Each print ad contains a location marker, contain information, icons, photo and descriptive blurb about the business. Plus, it’s all organized by category, which makes it easier for travelers to use in a pinch. Food truck owners may also apt to grab some distribution containers to go with their supply of Pocketmaps printed products. Like the maps, they are compact and highly portable.


The printed Pocketmaps also come with an online companion version for those travelers that prefer to use their mobile devices instead of paper maps. What’s nice about the online format is that it encourages the tourists to tap their way to contact with the food truck’s crew. It also includes opportunities for food truck owners to provide their list of specials and integrate the mobile ad with their Facebook page. That makes it a fabulous addition to food trucks’ marketing campaigns and special events (e.g. food truck rallies).


Oh, and the cost per reach for ads in both formats is phenomenally low. Like less than a penny low and what other advertising medium can offer food truck wizards that kind of return on investment? To learn more about Pocketmaps and how they may help food truck owners inexpensively expand their market reach this tourist season, please contact us. Our Pocketmap advertising experts may be reached online or by dialing (800) 304-9890. We also accept snail mail at our business location on West Bryan Street in Savannah.

August 07th, 2014
by Mark Minoff

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